You make some great points :)

your article casually dismisses these voice-controlled devices because porn is ignoring them. And yet, people are buying them in droves, porn be damned. They are cheap, and easy to throw in every Target, Fred Meyer, and Walmart across the land.

I am solely doing it in the context of the next big thing people expect of Apple as the richest company that ever existed.

There is a space for voice as a reality augmenter I do not doubt this, except I see it, as of today, as a secondary product, a helper of sorts.

Also, the porn industry caters to very basic human behavior, my point, aside from an attempt of being amusing, is that there is an abstract set of activities related to voice AR and this keeps exponential growth at bay.

Overall we agree :) ,

Humanity spending less time staring at a screen seems like a net win for me.


I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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