Yes to your entire thought line. It is so rarely that I, at least, get to read something that doesn’t strike me as too polished to be authentic, to impartial to have meaning, too biased to be trustworthy.

Dominique Matti thank you for explaining how it works. I am quoting these for people who will see this reply first instead of your article, which everyone should spend their four minutes on:

when Obama was elected president, […] every bit of my being believed he was going to fix the world. […] But today — on the cusp of another candidate’s reign — I see him speak, and I feel different, disenchanted.
[Bernie’s supporters] protest into the void where most American discontent goes.
Bernie was never going to bring about a revolution.
What I’ve learned in the last 8 years, through time and constant collective trauma, is that no revolution or dramatic change will come from inside of our system.
they shout at the system for being itself. They still expect it to give them everything that it promised them.
I’m still voting, in the same way I pray on the slim chance of Heaven
[But] If we want change, we must elect ourselves to make it.

This should be made into a freakin’ poem. An action plan. A poster to splatter cities with there in the US where elections affect the entire planet, but strip away Obama and it fits in any “modern, free, democratic” country of today.

Great work and thank you :)

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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