Yes Gareth Douglass, thank you for the clarification.

So it is rational to vote for Hilary if you don’t want change, and rational to vote for Bernie if you think that the whole system needs a shake up but neither of those opinions are rational in themselves, they depend in the individual’s world view.

Yep, exactly so! Unfortunately, I failed to mention that, but I am of the same opinion with you: both sides can be completely rational! My haste was to point our the flaw in describing one thing as rational and the other one as the right thing to do. I believe that it harms the whole Bernie argument to claim that they’re doing the irrational right thing. If voting for Bernie is not rational then the whole thing comes close to voting Trump. whose supporters have seriously feeble reasoning threads, bordering irrationality.

Regarding morality, it is not as personal and subjective as we’d like it There is our intimate way of feeling about things morally and there is the Morality as part of the social system we build. Morality and rationality are indeed completely different animals, and what I want to add is that morality should be rationally calibrated, passed through a filter of reason, otherwise morality is in danger of becoming an unrealistic system.

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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