Yeah, these two. Why the question, might you mean they make it all sound like mumbo jumbo? I wouldn’t blame you.

Transcendence is a word hijacked, in my opinion. The thing is, in the current state of affairs, one where we’re walking and talking decaying sets of multi cellular symbiosis in a sac of skin, transcendence is a very desirable outcome. Like any concept arrested by religion one must shed the layers of fake complexity, added in time by the decay of concepts for mass consumption.

Transcendence means anything, from down to earth states like achieving permanent flow, or being able to put yourself in the zone at will, to supernatural walking on water, or through walls. It means to go beyond the apparent limits. A transcendent state for humanity would be if say, cyborgs become a reality, a robot with biologic parts, required for the primitive hardcore of awareness, cyborgs in which we could transfer our conectome, recycling our life support system in some kind of eternity.

Transcendence is the end result in any kind of pursuit, provided you persist long enough and that you are good enough. Hannibal Lecter was at or near transcendence, a very unholy one, but nevertheless.

Spirals. Another “spiritual” term that has decayed into complex meaning. Basically everything that is recursive is a spiral. Universally, because of relativity, the mass/energy play and the space expanding or contracting, we seem to not have endless loops, but only various levels of recursivity. Everything recursive ends up spiraling to some center equilibrium state, because as the previous state is the input for the current execution, the loop’s internal entropy will decrease towards zero.

Our minds, in my thinking, are spirals too, precisely because once it “boots up” it goes in a nesting execution building on previous experience, all the way to death. That is why, I believe, it is so hard to find yourself, hidden all the way down under layers of spiral arcs.

I love your thoughts on deconstructing everything. Derrida, the formalizer of deconstruction as an activity, pushed one to find the conceptually new precisely in the dismantling of the conceptually old. So, we must strip naked of rags or fine clothing many concepts as a kind of philosophical prelude.

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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