Words matter! :)

It is not semantics, it is meaning. “Semantics” is a hand waving way to scrape interpretation off the table and reduce meaning, but in fact meaning is what makes or breaks a debate.

I know what you mean by sacred, of course I do, but by playing the dictionary card I am pointing out the danger of considering human or constitutional rights, which are basically laws held in place by us humans, to be sacred as if God almighty dictated them or, even worse, as if they are fundamental.

Nothing of human origin, our thoughts, our laws, our world, is fundamental. And we need to know that down to the bone to keep a vigilant state for preserving such ideas as “freedom of expression”.

If freedom of expression is “sacred”, even figuratively speaking, it is a dangerous path to take on. It is easier to loose what belongs to an invisible order, than to loose what you know is yours. Therefore I would rather we stop calling sacred ideas in which we believe and start seeing them as fragile rules we’d love to keep playing by.

No right is sacred. It is a fragile idea and it can be taken away and God won’t do nothing about it.

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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