Can you see the forest?

What and how

In our universe the how dwarves the what

At about 300 million light years away lies the Dragonfly 44 galaxy. This galaxy is as massive as the Milky Way but so, so, so empty that we had to figure out that it must be made of, get ready, … badum tsss: dark matter! Hang on. “Dark” matter?

The question “what” can have anything as an answer!

Because, if your field of study opens things which are completely unexplainable, with every single venture forward you make, you start to not care anymore. And it is for the best, because, most of the time, “what” doesn’t matter.

What matters is how.

Say, you could memorize the whole Standard Model, all the types of celestial bodies, every element on Earth. All this data will not give you a single clue on what can we humans do with it. It is dark data. You will not know physics, astronomy or chemistry by the way of answers to “what”.

  • Social justice, what is a society where we don’t ignore not even the smallest of problems?
  • Objectivism, what is a society where we can discard the weak?
  • Marxism, what is a society where we ignore all problems with hubris?
  • they always elicit revolutions

The fact that we call Utopia a utopia, makes it a utopia.

Isn’t it funny how real, tangible social and political progress is utopia, but presidents swear on the Bible, that Bible where we’re promised exactly the Utopia? It applies to all religious nations.

what are you?

… and ask only myself: how am I?

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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