Well, yeah, except for the fact that in order to build worlds we need to stick to a script we all converge on, and this idealism of scraping everything just because is terribly counter productive.

It sounds well written in books and quoted like that, yet reality is very much hostile and we’ve been managing this survival thing since forever exactly by trusting each other that black is black and white is white, and trusting each other that black is actually a dark grey and that both are not exactly colours and so on.

So this freedom to abjure prescribed choices is perfectly all right at a personal level, it is basically the blueprint of creativity, yet, they are very subversive when common goal conventions such as law, nation, democracy, are in target. The games we play collectively from economy to country require participation.

As you can probably see by now Libertarianism doesn’t inspire me with much trust :)

There is a big difference between personal freedom and the refusal to participate to collective existence.

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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