Well, glad you replied :) The problem is not that we disagree. What we’re discussing in fact is where do built in inclinations of a human stop benefiting humanity?

The tribe will never go away. Does that mean we should consolidate on the differences and that we should cultivate tribe belonging even more? Is universality a desirable outcome?

Imagine for a minute there really are no aliens. We’re alone, the only intelligent and communicating species in an infinite universe. And add to that the victory, on the long run, of the tribe rhetoric. Great. Humanity will march forward and continue to use its intellectual power for more technological advancement. It’s 500 years into the future. 500 years is not a lot at a historical scale, but at a technological scale we could be in other galaxies by then. However in 500 years politics and economics and in fact all social science or cultural phenomenons do not change that much as basic human values stick.

Now we’ll have tribes based on countries, planets, solar systems, galaxies, non planetary celestial bodies, inner system, outer system, colonies, … homeworld-er tribes ... and in all these we’ll get various factions.

In that future of trillions of tribes what will your future self’s discourse be? How will peace and cooperation work? How will we face the desire to form new coercing armies to have the “others” submit to our supremacy?

And, most of all, what good does come out of it?

Asserting that I am against humanity is a bit far fetched as I know you know the fact that all cultural shifts looked outlandish at their time. Giving up the tribe is just a mere new step in a process that is happening for millenia, a step in a process of creating the universal humanity.

And, in fact, I do not even root against tribes! I root against the glorification of one’s own tribe just because it’s theirs without any other reasoning or piece of logic. You do get why this is a problem, don’t you?

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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