This. This is why …

Everything must have meaning. Writing is for reading, speaking is for listening, in is for out, yin is for yang. Unbalanced existence produces depletion.

I want an audience primarily for writing more. Why? Because percentages: from the entire exposure base, 20 percent of people consume content but only 2–4% interact. It’s called the lurker syndrome, where everyone is stealth and anonymous.

And, for me at least, it is interaction that lights up idea streams to make a subject blow into a story; the ping pong of questions, replies, highlights and so on. But with those percentages which apparently are universal, are some hard coded truth or whatever, you need big numbers to create debate and dialogue :)

Without them one like me can get stale. I am a big talker, I hardly shut my mouth :D but I love listening exactly so I can talk more (at least I admit it … bonus points please?)

As you see it is the broken crazy replies I am scouting for :D

As for me being a competitive asshole in tech, it is most likely a truth. I aim to become a great explainer so I was a mansplainer before it was named so. I try to sublimate these though, just like I do with the army of flaws enticing me to fuck up.

I really wondered where you’ve been lately, and indeed I hate the fact I must check profiles individually to check up on new things from people I follow, although I don’t know how one can fix this for real.

Thank you :) that was cheerful indeed :D

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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