This question has a reaaaalyyy loooong answer. It does. Mostly because all four words right, good, wrong, evil are broad philosophical concepts. Let’s see if I can come up with something short, and keep the context of my rant.

you’re split between right and wrong, the moral dimension, you’re split between good and evil, the spiritual dimension, now you’re split between inside and outside the personal dimension.

Right concerns the others present, good concerns the other’s future. Wrong concerns the other’s person, evil concern’s the other’s life.

As you can see the opposing concepts are not pure antonyms of each other, because their aim is different. Right and wrong are shorter in scope and attend to matters of choice, which is why they’re dissected by morals, while good and evil attend to matters outside of choice, fundamental principles of existence, which is why they’re dissected by spirituality.

Right and wrong, at the most basic level, are all a way our brain processes failed predictions.

Good and evil, at the most basic level, are possible expressions of biophilia.

All four concepts are elevated through composition with other secondary concepts that enrich their meaning far beyond this response.

I could dive in, if you’re interested, but it’s gonna take a while :)

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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