This is where you failed your whole argument in my humble opinion. I am not as well read as you say you are, but to me this kind of my tribe is all I got rhetoric buries all the good effort up to this point.

It makes no sense to try and present this story of the “western civilization” as if we’re some kind of homogenous tribe from homer to ck lewis. It is a mistaken idea that is the foundation of our current war of civilizations.

Since you are not a fair weather fan do you root with our “western” abuses too just because? And, yes, you should care if there are better epics. What do you mean you don’t care?

When will this crazy nonsense grouping of humanity end? Why are you an adult who roots with the spartans and claims they’re a cultured person when in fact you know that the other side was not in any way worse than the spartans? Don’t you see you are rooting for a white washed history you’ve been taught in school? Don’t you, a well read adult, understand how you have been exposed to a certain biased point of view? You should think better then.

Having your children grown in your values is one thing, having them appreciate a certain tradition, a certain homeland is a great thing, but to stand by the failures, stupidity and wrong doings of your so called tribe just because of the random chance of being born in that tribe is very, very wrong.

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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