This is a great perspective. Yes I wholeheartedly support the ideas in the article, even if they’re a bit sexist towards women of today, they are of help in breaking to shreds this mirage luring women into something getting more and more obsolete by the day.

Women today, and when I use that plural I am talking about large swaths of people gendered female, don’t learn how to be programmers, they learn to code, and that is key. There are, of course, exquisite female programmers and computer scientists. Yet the teach girls to code call to arms is meant to do only one thing, like you said: to drive salaries down and free up men for the next technological wave.

Coding is dying because Machine Learning is a completely new paradigm, where data is creatively manipulated to become a lesson learned for a machine and scripting aka coding becomes less and less creative or required.

Programming gets more and more high level and the higher it gets in abstracting the bare metal it runs on the more it becomes coding. And software writing its own scripts is very, very close.

The insight:

We shouldn’t be teaching women to code in a world where the skills they currently possess are about to become more valuable than anything men are stereotyped as being better at.

… is golden. I noticed in other comments that people take it too literal. Sure, every one woman can do as they choose, but this is about a general blanket affirmation that girls and women ditching their hard earned advantages will own the future, while clearly seeing a machine filled future where their current stereotyped empathetic and caring social roles could be far more successful.

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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