This “co-intelligence” you speak of,

Sounds interesting ideed. Yet, commonly editable whiteboards are not productive and the chronological stream will always highlight the present, while time has future and past intertwined.

Timing is dependent on context to gain value. If we lived in a world where time was less prized, say a future Earth where we live 2k years, all we’re left with is context.

We should use co-intelligence to inform on the global context, and draw timing from that. Writing this reply i figure that what Facebook and Twitter do is build solely for sbjective context, building yet more tribes, more borders.

Medium is, as you say, uniquely-poise dto be a place where objective context has a real chance. Not 140 chars, not pics of cats or cakes at birthdays, but millions of ideas, highlighted, loved, shared, discussed and bookmarked, that’s some co-intelligence to feed a feed outside of time :)

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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