There is a basic social behavior of humans to form groups inside groups. No matter how small the group, there will be smaller groups inside it. We are self referential recursive creatures and we tend to repeat behavior until it is physically impossible, so our tendency for exclusive affinity will drive the cliques of the world we build, today, tomorrow, as long as we have this biology.

It is for this reason that conspiracy is not such a far fetched term. There are more than enough unveiled conspiracies, hard cold proven as true “crazy ideas”, but there is a crushing number of stupid conspiracy theories.

Between a conspiracy and a conspiracy theory, lies our reason. That is what makes flat earthers, moon landing or zion truthers complete idiots, and people who question other more rational things, like GMO safety and gm seeds ethics skeptics.

It is indeed a situation of informational overload and there is always the individual effort of mental perfection that will shed light and help one cope with the hose of disinformation. When a dictatorship is in action everything becomes a metaphor and common uneducated people become masters of inference is understanding the real information, the one the spooks shouldn’t understand. I have witnessed this first hand and that is why I believe people who have nothing to fear directly forget their innate ability to see through misleading slogans and perfect conincidences.

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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