Central to the idea of Medium is that it’s not just a publishing platform, it’s a “networked” publishing platform, Ev

The thing is networks are not platforms, they are distribution mechanisms. Platforms empower value creation by lowering the barrier of entry. That is the core asset of a platform and it is usually a tool. Wordpress.com is a platform. Of course, the technicalities of what “features” a platform vs. a network has are irrelevant. Medium has great tools too, just as Wordpress.com does, but the striving is now for wider distribution not easier launch. One can code a “platfonetwork” sure, but the point of the discussion is what vision the brand promises.

Medium as a brand — as a promise, was a flag that we, as people, have not forgotten what quality, effort, and high stakes mean when it comes to writing, not publishing. But now it is a brand that promises interactivity, distribution, instant feedback — all cool things but they are not supporting better writing, but better publishing.

On a personal note I believe in the long run the world will not benefit from this trend at large. I think the networks are simply businesses and that the mere fact they provide an accessible service with a very low barrier of entry — aka free — does not make them a social utility or a benefit for the world.

Networks are between power centers. Really decentralized networks are not possible because of spam, aka noise in the medium. To shield ourselves we agree to be a mere link in a chain.

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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