The funny thing is the overall idea is good, I too believe and have written that “Diversity does not solve low natality. Low natality sends entire cultures into the drain of history. Just like colonialism. We’re too far to count on technology yet. Ask from your society child support. Be politically active.”

So yes all countries need everybody’s babies and a healthy local population growth is great for a more accepting state towards immigation.

But there are some points which you should really stop and think about. The americo-centrism, the whole logic of why conservatives radicalized on the so called pressure of the elites, the xenophobic approach to the idea of civilization, as if we or they are the holders of the patent for this or that civilisation, the racist Chinese takeout remark … I hope you’ll take a step back and think harder :)

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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