“The brain” by itself wants nothing.

You, on the other, hand want everything.

Not you as in you, you as in individual humans. Individual humans are not preconditioned to much. We have chemical reactions built in which are probably gonna change excruciatingly slow. But we don’t have behavior built in. We learn behavior, naturally.

The sum of experiences. That’s what makes one:

  • not want to talk to strangers
  • be afraid of other social groups
  • fear unknown people

Social predisposition is genetic, not tribalism. Tribalism is what you are mold into during the initial formative years.

It is important to acknowledge how we function because there are so many religious bases for our understanding of the world that any kind of assertion which states we have defaults that are “normal” will result in a problem with the divine order.

We must make the divine order reflect reality. It is not my brain that makes me an asshole, it is what I became as a human up to this point and my lack of effort for introspection. The lack of effort for introspection is happening all over the place because society doesn’t reward it.

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