Thank you! Good points :) I enjoyed you reply a lot!

Just to note though, my beef is not with “followers” or readers, my beef is with a company ( that makes a software which is used to build a platform for content creation and distribution, in which all content producers are partners, and paying members are “founding members” and in all aspects Medium is not delivering yet.

They have a pile of cash which allows them so “pivot” very quickly forgetting that an internet platform is yet another human society and they should, by all anthropologic aspects, give back to the community that powers their platform.

The platform streams content, not individual authors. I agree 100% with you that streaming is a disservice. But, by moving to online book publishing, highlighted writers, in house publications and effectively leaving about a year to pass without any update for the average joe, “writer” of his lousy profile “articles”, they are down voting the folk which make the bulk of the stuff here. So, they need to decide (and they will) if they focus on the community or they will keep trying to steal business from traditional publications or market share from watt pad or whatever financially makes more sense to them.

Ev Williams keeps this undecided approach about what Medium is, but so far this indecision only brought frustration for just about anyone not lucky enough to be caught by the launching wave of the long tail.

I am not better at this than anyone and it is only my opinion from the receiving end of the experience.

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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