Smart people shine in the light, wise people glow in the dark

find out why this is important

We like trinkets, since forever. We love shiny new toys and sparks and glitter and just about anything bright that beautifully distorts the light it reflects.

So do crows.

Because we’re all crows who hoard crap, because its shiny and pretty, we inadvertently have expanded this behavior on how we evaluate people. We seek the bright and shiny in everyone around.

Smartness is intuition and clarity, wisdom is synthesis and expression.

We’re better than crows.

We then need the wise. But the wise need us too.

You see, we are led by smart people and that is our doom. We trust people because they’re rich and successful. We trust people because they always have smart replies. We vote demagogues exactly because demagogues are smart people who shine in the light. We flock to smart people as leaders in just about anything we do, but nevertheless, yesterday, today and tomorrow, when the light goes out we remain blind, aimless and violently scared of each other’s darkened silhouette.

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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