Shameless plug, but sincere nonetheless

Hi Nitin, I really enjoyed this story even more so as it is something I’ve mulled on for a lot of time. I liked this idea the most:

What matters is the emergent behaviour (the neural pattern) out of the collective work of everyone who is at this layer of the cosmic deep neural net.

It is one of the most not obvious features of the universe and of humanity in general, not obvious because we’re so conditioned to survive and hence paying attention to individual units far more than to what emerges overall.

I’d like to invite you, when you have the time and patience, to take a skim of my essay linked below, as it might be fun for you considering your plan to extend the framework expressed in this story to higher level concepts such as morality or karma.

It is a longish read, 66mins Medium says, but hey I did add a ToC for convenience. The reason I am sending you there is that I’d love a dialogue maybe we can dive into these ideas we found independently but which appear to have some common ground.

Again, great work!


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