Practice is binary: you get paid from coding or not.

I hope you are not right :) God, do I hope you are not right.

It is not really theory and I’ve seen a lot of eagerness for career advancement, whatever a career is, from coders. People take on coding with immense expectations and then they assume that if they code bug-less software someone will reward them, not financially but career wise.

There is a step up process and there are a lot of craftsmen who became CEOs, and yes maybe the don’t fix it if it’s not broken mentality of HR does keep people in the same jobs and skips them advancement opportunities, but don’t forget that IT, software in particular, is extremely high in entrepreneurial opportunity.

I tried to answer the title by explaining that to become a 10x-er, which means one who does a 10x better job than the average, there is a lot of effort and time involved, it is not just “talent” and “rockstar” attitude.

Regarding, “personal development is not about the better future, it is the sum of all your efforts towards that future”, this means simply that wanting a better future for your own is not enough to “level up”, but instead investing actively in whatever it takes to get closer to that better future is what it’s all about. Maybe a failure of my english, but I think it does make sense :)

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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