Please publish this theory

Where will you publish? Will you publish chapter by chapter? I hope so :) I dont know the intricacies of your theory but this simple introduction clicked very deeply with thoughts forming in my head too. Thoughts which seem egotistical, insensible and “too rational”. Thoughts that should provide means to advance towards happiness but which we repress because “the others” don’t smile or make big eyes when we happen to tell them out loud.

I hope you can structure this and I wish you the best auspices for this journey, all simply because this is so close to personal liberation, yet people are so conditioned to stay away from it:

Simply put, there is me, my brain, and then there is everything else in the world that isn’t me. I call everyone and everything that isn’t me information. The only role I have to play in my existence is to continuously interpret the information around me in order to supply my brain with a continuous stream of predictions, or cues for what my brain and body should do next. When events unfold differently than I predict they will, my brain becomes alarmed in the exact same way my skin does when it encounters a hot curling iron. Both cues tell me something is amiss and I have to reorient to get my bearings. We rage if our hand is held onto a curling iron and we rage when we cannot make our predictions match up to our reality.

There. Thank you!

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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