In the Oneida community monogamous marriage was frowned upon as they believed it encourages possessive behavior and it subjugates women. In 1848. In 2017 the institution of marriage is assaulted on all sides, but the main trend is to banish it, to dismantle the requirement of it. In 1848 it took only a single generation of children raised in a communal marriage system to revolt on the system because “many of the younger communitarians desired to enter into exclusive, traditional marriages”. I find this very funny.

But what does it tell us?

It tells us that attitudes are not enough. We need to wire up into our civilization “acceptance and embracing” so that continuum you name will shift :)

Meh won’t cut it :D As progressive as today’s children are, without updating our story, our values and what we hold as aim, they will bring about generations that will switch to regressive behavior from the natural teen rebel identity search.

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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