O hai elzo valugi

Yes transportation is free in some cities but they are pretty small cities :) Also i don’t see transportation as free as a must have just a nice to have. Freely moving people around your huge metropolis is a very expensive business.

Some say green eco crowds are inherently socialist, they can’t help themselves. I don’t agree. Yet most of the time government regulated “caring” for the environment is not very liberal.

My question is on why do you want to use public transport?

My example with ambulances is just mentioning a nice side effect. The primary reason why public transport is the choice is made of many, many reasons:

  • you will never have good enough parking, how many ugly parking plots can a city get, above and below ground they rip off land for better use inside a busy city
  • traffic will never be good no matter how well we manage it because there are too many cars and too few roads inside a city
  • pollution inside a city is manly from car traffic and most of it comes from cars NOT moving. this a long is a strong enough support for no cars in the city because it is funny.
  • indeed, people should be free to choose. However having a strong clockwork like public transit system covering all the city, using your own car, riding alone is a premium you should be taxed for. So if forbidding is not an option, then it should become very expensive. This is already happening but the pace is too low.
  • To cater for people who feel is below their worth to ride a bus, taxis would still be an option, not uber type, the classic ones :)
  • Cities are not so big in reality, we waste hours in long lines of cars when the same infinite line of cars filled with sedans carrying one passenger would fit in half a bus. Why?
  • Having no cars or very few would allow for building proper infrastructure for public transit cheaper than it is now.
  • Presence of cars in cities limits public transit by putting pressure on some of its qualities: schedule and efficiency. So it leaks into a lack of comfort in riding a trolley to work. Which makes one get a car then spend hours in traffic for 4–5km which they could very well walk, driving around for parking.
  • Speaking of parking, before banning cars, there should be no kinds of free parking.

There is a huge list of answers to the question. But the simplest answer is that this is a natural evolution of such a compact and systematized project that a human populated metropolis is. Cars driving around is a factor of too high entropy in an otherwise carefully planned environment.

P S. Nice to see you’re around! :)

P.P.S. I don’t believe either that self driving cars combined with a sharing economy will fix much inside big cities.

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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