Could it be your dismantling of her article on rationality?

No idea! I hardly imagine so.

Not sure, I would rather stay the fuck out of it. It’s between you, her and God at this point.

Depends. If I annoyed a human, fine! But if the opinion was the matter, if the content not the form is the problem, then we have a public issue :) because the content is a political debate.

It’s easy to get a little bit of an Internet Crush sometimes because of the written charisma.

This was funny! :D

She might as well be a ghost.

That would be bad. Bad for anyone who sides with progress, bad for any person on earth fighting for rights and advancement of humanity. If a ghost can do what she did on a big platform like Medium, we’re then manipulated sheep with no kind of credibility when the establishment’s boot steps on us, you know “to fix the anomaly”. We need real people to stand up for themselves and talk openly, not ghosts. I fear this the most.

She has her reasons and they are hers alone.

I hope it is so, I hope the reasons are personal.

Thanks a lot, yours, me.

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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