No, Dustin Briscoe just no. European Union is prosperity for the countries in it, and Greece is doing what it has always been doing, the Greek way. Have you ever been to Greece? I mean seriously, you seem to be so disconnected :) from Europe and the countries in the EU if you believe the problems in Greece’s economy are because of the EU. Read a little on their Orthodox Church just to get you started.

Peace in Europe was about France and Germany. Do you honestly think the Ukraine conflict was the work of the EU? Russia is cancerous. They drain any country the are so called allies with, but even so, you assume the EU crying for years of not having a unitary intelligence agency to catch drug and arms dealers was able somehow to outmaneuver the CIA’s leading experts in regime changes? How?

Gobbling up countries? All the ex soviet countries part of the EU had billions of free money thrown at them, people waited eagerly for decades to be granted access to the EU zone. What gobbling? No one was allied with Russia, Dustin, no one. We were all living in a hell of fear and terror and Russia is the cause of all that, a genocide bigger than anything the nazis have dreamed of. Russia, a country with a people who have never ever in their history ever had freedom or democracy. Went from medieval slavery to communism, and now to this hideous oligarchy … The EU is mana for the ex soviet countries, left behind by Americans eager for peace.

The EU is not a neoliberal nightmare man! They have like all counties and parliaments of the free world some neoliberal folk lurking dreaming of taking over. My country sent a shepherd to the European Parliament and a petty thief, no neoliberalism there. In most of Eastern Europe liberalism has far more runway to cover before going “neo”, EU is even safer without the financial center of the universe, UK.

The Brexit was a bad idea. There were good choices, but easily impressionable people, undereducated folk, citizens without their voting responsibility in place and highly invested rich people created a mess.

Please, please revisit your convictions and ideas, they’re not pointing to the context, to the actual history and to the problems of the EU citizens.

And the funny thing is I agree with you that the Brexit was a rejection of globalization, but the truth is your average Briton didn’t vote for that, only the people profiting from the result knew what it meant.

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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