​It’s laws that are made to be broken, not rules!

Rules should be challenged. Laws should be broken.

Both laws and rules are conventions we choose to respect so that we are allowed by other humans to thrive on our own.

Yet laws are far more complex than rules. Rules should be simple. Laws should be complex.

Complex rules and complicated laws are nothing but inflicted control.

Following fair rules is not obedience. Following fair rules is a form of mutual respect. Following unfair rules is servitude.

Following unfair laws is obedience. Following fair laws is sanity.

Breaking the law is a sickness of the society. Challenging rules is growth pains of the society.

The difference between challenging and breaking is process. Challenging assumes valid alternatives and formal updates. Breaking means complete banishing or structural updates.

There is always a measure of law breaking beyond the obvious. What we fail to notice is that in general laws are not made for general benefit, because they do not empower, mostly they constrain. Simple rules on the other hand empower by offering guidelines for success.

That is why I hate bully drivers. They believe that by driving drunk, above speed limits, on the wrong way of one way streets, without proper safety for the other traffic folk, by doing this and more they believe they’re breaking the law. But traffic rules are not laws, they’re rules. By breaking traffic rules you are cramping everyone else, exclusively for personal gain. They’re not outlaws, just assholes.

There is always a measure of law breaking beyond the obvious.

Most law breaking goes unreported in all societies, because accurate law breaking description would show weakness of the societal apparatus, but worse, it would inspire challenging the law. We only see the morally clear law breaking reported, usually all the basic law breaking that more or less break the golden rule, hence murderers, thieves, embezzlers, are assholes not outlaws.

There is nothing glorious in breaking the rules, there is only wasted potential in the cramping of everyone else’s existence.

True law breaking is made by revolutionaries, which in fact challenge established moral rules: marriage, access to wealth, access to health, segregation, access to opportunity, inequality all these things are currently law all over the planet, and they trickled down into law from moral rules as moral imperatives. What this law serves, the fairness and clarity of these laws is what law breaking should be used for.

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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