It is rather complicated to live by ascribing agency to everything around. It is rather complicated to ignore structural differences even if, as the author you:

align [yourself] with the intuitions of children and primitives who ascribe consciousness and spirit to all things of the universe, animate or not.

as even if everything around is permeated by an ether of consciousness there are foundation parts which are so different between all things of the universe.

A cat cares for its kittens like a heroine. A human mother too. But, there is a difference: the cat is effectively drugged and chemically submitted into doing a specific set of tasks and to not kill the kittens. A human mother is not, she still must face the emptiness of meaning around and unlike most animals the post natal depression is a common occurrence.

A comet who travels around our solar system for a billion years with a conscience has a way different set of problems than a feeble mammal exposed to decay and at constant risk of death.

So even if we’re not “alone” as a thing in the universe, we are alone as an entity with a specific identity.

Say we find aliens. If they’re close to eternal creatures of energy who don’t use toilets and who don’t need to shower before making love, we’re still very much alone, a weird species floating on our blue gem in a distant cornet of the galaxy.

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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