Is this it? That micro management is bad?

I’m like, maybe a bit of a shithead, okay possibly a big shithead, but I was reading that story and expected to see it coming from some person who has just discovered the ropes of management. But then I glanced over the small snippet in the bio and it is you, the VP of product design at Facebook.

I mean, the advice is not bad, but it is simply so plain compared to the click bait in the title. Micro management is bad. Really. ? I would expect this from all the people writing pieces such as “How to CEO”, written because their startup is suddenly cool, and they got funded then CEO’d by the VC noble person, but from someone who has effectively built a career up the ladder in so many other great companies, with the huge intricate rules to grasp and the experiments to come out of, and the biases to win against? Is this it?

It feels as if you have micromanaged your way up to the VP of product design at Facebook, only to see the light, finally, that a basic bad move is bad. Who encourages micro management? How come one single discussion changed your mind? Didn’t your previous teams ever give you any hint before Boz that you are micro managing them and they feel bad about it?

Again, this is not a bad advice. But there is some risk attached to spending this advice without a second thought, you from your position, a Facebook top manager, add weight to it. When you present it as in “My head exploded”, it feels like this great insight that solves everything. It doesn’t.

It is very hard to delegate, without displacing accountability. It is very complicated to keep mentoring your team, without being in the weeds. It is a skill to equally empower people who have unequal resources.

These things make the whole delegation part of the management activity much harder than, say, unloading some of the work on the team, because we “trust” the team. Yes, I’d have loved weight to be added to solutions to those problems above. Maybe I am the only one who has them, and am desperate to see successful people hand me the secret sauce, or maybe it is the responsible thing to do, to search for insight when you are in a position where you can spot it, instead of rolling another story about a known fact of life: micro management is bad.

Also, why is there a connection between being open with the people who should know how your team is doing and micro management? Not doing micro management is not a reason to be open about any off the rail indicators in a project or a product or a team, no causality here. At the same time, there are many people who practice the bad thing of micromanaging teams, but who are not paranoid about failing and own up to how things are going.

there is that magical moment when we delegate and allow an emerging leader to grow into their new responsibilities, and they end up being way better at it than we ever were. That’s real management success.

Yes to that :) Although it is just one kind of management success of many, but now, really, I’m nitpicking. I am, and I am ashamed of myself typing the words for not finding an ending to my rant. You know, for anyone reading this, here is a far better thing to read from Margaret, in my opinion:

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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