i wonder how much of a dilution of authority will this new direction pose. if publishing is more about interaction than about content, the platforms are win. but is this a win win win? i am seeing three players here: platform, individual and society.

the long form, curated, edited and big story is a lose win win. platforms don’t get about nothing from these, however there is great reward for the individual who put up with the great effort and the society that has a bunch of ready made things at its disposal.

140 characters can be brilliant but they’re still dry. it is exactly like a concentrated syrup. you know its good but it clearly needs water to be drank. from 140 characters as we see the platform wins a lot, given the smart way the platform was built — and the free publicity it got — the individual is also a win, but society is a loose. someone revisiting a 140 chars post from another time or even just another space gets nothing out, knowledge is definitely not encapsulated in them, the understanding is lost. if the secret of life was made of two words you would need two libraries to explore it.

so might medium be for medium content? not long form but also not brief thoughts. who knows, but the loss in Medium’s paradigm/focus/metric shift is that Medium as a brand — as a promise, was a flag that we, as people, have not forgotten what quality, effort, and high stakes mean when it comes to writing: not publishing.

Look at this unedited response, i didnt even get to use caps because i feel like commenting ☺on some social feed.

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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