I wonder how it could be tested. Lacking the academic background that would allow me to have a strong hold on the scientific method and the deep knowledge to count less on intuition, I am wielding a lot of speculation :D

Yet, it is either that time exists or that it is a mere construct of the mind. In both cases time is an object of advanced brain work. From complex body motion to agriculture the sequence, the projection of a timeline of cause and effect that we can stick to, the “sense” that the universe is “happening” around us even when we’re still is part of or sum of my idea of perception.

The main point is the connection of life, time and evolution as phenomenons, through a peak in life’s ability to be resilient which is general intelligence. But even if intelligence is solely an ability to construct causality, isn’t that still rooted in having events, past, future and so on? I mean, suppose time is simply a way to represent state change, if the higher the intelligence the better the representation, the hypothesis’ formulation would still be valid.

I’m unsure how this could be tested :D tho.

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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