I wish uploading brains was an option, it would spare one the pain of the communicating ego. Your sudden wave of appreciation stunned me in a good way for a bit, so first a big thank you! :D

I’m really glad I inspired you on whatever the journey your next book will be. Aside from the fact that on a high level perspective I share your vision of the caste system we’re here to prevent (haha), you have something I find amazing: the ability to talk about your experiences and life without metaphor, straight stories (many out of this world), that talk so well about the unpredictable wild animal one’s life can be. I find that awesome! On my side, as you’ve probably noticed, say in my “potential expectation” post, i talk about myself a bit more … hermetical, i think its about the zodiac sign, i’m a Cancer :P. Joke aside, you say in one of your replies:

You are obviously capable of producing mind-shattering ideas. How did this happen?

It happened like it happens usually, during a lot of time, living a lot of experiences. So far though, mind-shattering is a compliment i’ll gladly take, but currently I am wishing still for any visible change provoked by any of my work, heck, change myself at least, as for now I ain’t very much aware of the things I believe and often revert to average automaton :)

Then there was a sufficient amount of new info that my brain had some difficulty grasping.

If you do have the time to give consistent thought to the ideas in Evolving, do send inquiries, ask me things you don’t get, most of the time I write too little to explain properly, or maybe complete missing things idk, whatever pops up in your head :). I had a couple of exchanges with Joscha Bach whose funny and jaw breaking presentations are up on Youtube, like this one hour carrousel:

There are many people who try to redefine the skewed, heavy, interpretation filled, history bent, forcibly established model of perception, that stands between a human and the universe around. Take Karen Kilbane for example, I love her effort of redesigning from simple assumptions all the crappy intricate theory of psychology and even spiritual teaching (which on its own is only a kind of psychological cure too). I root for her to output a coherent theory. Many of the people into this mission are disconnected though. Its not like we have some place to converge. Jeff Hawkins has an amazing view on what intelligence is which inspired Karen, discovering Joscha made me feel like I am having a valid thought line, I apparently inspired you (yay!), so right now it’s an invisible network of people who don’t know eachother but are simply thinking and pondering the same subjects.

What I like a lot is that we can still afford to be normal humans who speculate, some are academics, some are teachers, CEO’s of IT companies, computer scientists or proffesional published writers. This will happen as long as the formalism heavy “classical approaches” and “standard models” are still missing, it’s a golden age (again) of thinking about the future. I for one am waiting on Holly Wood doing some speculation on how our exponentially growing technological world will be handled by the lagging society, that’d be a treat.

You know what thoughts you provoked in my mind?

I imagine maybe but for real, I don’t but would absolutely love to find out! Thanks again,


I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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