I really don’t know. Lately with any conservative response I’ve been called an idiot so many times that I cannot say with certainty when am I dealing with some really solid conservative or libertarian minded human or a paid person who is roaming the internet to provoke and leave it at that.

But I’ll take my chances:

  • I really believe “the world is set for a future filled with robots doing things and AI solving problems” and it is not because of the last two decades of Silicon Valley success, it is because we are a technological species and no war, natural disaster or society model so far managed to hold back the curiosity and drive of the human spirit to solve everything and to avoid work. There are zillions of pedantic different explanations, but a species who escaped the weather, competing stronger species, their own kind holding life and death power at a whim and so many other road blocks and still managed to have industrial (aka technological) revolutions every few hundred years, a period which is getting shorter and shorter as we see, is bound to become as artificial as possible. It is not “laughing-at-the-working-rubes, anti-manufacturing neoliberalism” but my opinion based on the above assumption.
  • I do display publicly my Trump hate and snide towards the atrocious Trump and Putin combo. But it is not like I am no snowflake cuck. I am a liberal minded person, indeed publishing in liberal leaning environment, carefree of explaining every time I express via poor humor my angst about how the conservative grasp on all power will affect me.

Trump creates a lot of uncertainty on top of what the universe deals at us. I see no reason in that, I only see opportunistic moves. I think mr. Bannon does have some answers for us the overthinking betas, but he is so cryptic. There are deep philosophical reasons why I dislike Trump’s current behavior as the world’s most powerful person, but they should be treated separately.

As to my choice of liberal socialism here is a longer explanation, should you care:

And the “blanket statements about lost jobs and the stale Trump-hate” do help my case, or I hope they do, because my main point of view is that unless we’re headed for doom, there is no way to “save the jobs”.

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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