I have lit candles for a very long time, about 10 years. We did consecration and meditation rituals, my wife and I, and have had candles as symbolic energy always around.

Growing up as a Christian I had a candle lit up constantly in the house, OMG the superstition erupting if that candle ever extinguished.

Now, my feed is filled with candles. I would lit one too. I would.

It’s just that this reminds me, I hope this is received in an empathetic way, of this scene from a Romanian novel where during the war people in Bucharest had a “flower fight” while young men were forcefully recruited to the front.

We light candles for our living, we light candles for our dead. We light candles for good wishes, we light candles for gone wishes. We may light up this planet with candles, there will be great communion, but to what effect?

I love the affirmation though:

“I affirm that I am light. Whenever there is darkness, I will shine.”,

great one Tremaine L. Loadholt.

But will we go where the darkness is? Being honest to myself, I know I probably won’t. The human darkness hurts, it is not like the peace of the night. The human made darkness is pain.

I saw your friend in Kenya. That is amazing. That is a real candle.

This one in my living room, well, that is just Feng Shui.

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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