I find the taste of your terrific writing to be getting bitter an bitter, the more and more Hillary’s victory becomes certainty. I am not directly involved, as I don’t live in, nor am I a citizen of, the US. But, alas, the US have their way for a century with the entire world, so we’re all interested, more or less.

So, as an observing 3rd party, and a Bernie enthusiast, one that would vote for Bernie and one who has voted for doomed “Bernie like” candidates in my own country, one that fails to trust incremental change anymore, after years of deep belief it will eventually pan out, I believe less vitriol will benefit the Bernie cause, way much more than being annoyed at what happens, at reality itself.

Whenever I read your posts here on Medium, I feel good. You have quite a talent to spell out clear strong affirmations, and a bright sense of exemplifying. But as a constant follower of your writing, the more time has passed, the more weight Hillary’s campaign got, the harder your language, the less good a metaphor, and the more hard strokes and waves discarding arguments in favor of style.

That is a shame, I’d say, me random Joe of the Internets, I feel sorry that a rare combination of talent, skill and knowledge fails in the same trap of anger and helplessness, which turns into demagogy. That is the problem when you don’t censor fury, you push ideas beyond practical scope, and having less and less contact with reality, it all becomes demagogy. You cannot, for example, ignore some of the Trump supporters who really are “bigots and idiots”, and who will go to vote for Trump because they are “bigots and idiots”, you cannot ignore them because Trump doesn’t, he counts on them. And that part of the working class who is siding with them is “exposed”, you would need to quarantine that side of the working class, before welcoming them in a loving union with the “Bernie voting” working class.

Fury, rage, feeling “too little to matter”, and the weight of the boot itself, consume energy, and we start throwing it away, instead of keeping it, investing it, using it. And what happens are empty revolutions. Revolutions who lack energy, revolutions who are literally the same crap revolving around us.

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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