I am guilty of attention seeking behavior.

I also think attention seeking behavior is not bad in itself. It is what you seek attention for that matters. If you still live in a world where lacking attention anything gets accomplished you are some lucky citizen of the Planet. In my world pics or it didn’t happen and if no one shares it gone it is. So attention seeking behavior is a natural response to a publishing industry which is extremely underpopulated with curators, therefore anything you want to be heard must grab those precious three seconds of, you guessed it, attention!

Therefore if I’ll get any wanted or unwanted attention is dependent on a host of variables. That is whatever. What matters is the contents, and the contents is a call from a person in a corner of the planet where these types of people steal life away from me and I am hoping on that other, more civilized, side of the planet to come to its senses, so maybe the disjointing in my name calling was exactly because it is a rant not a scientific discourse on humanity and the meaning of social constructs.

So yea :) you are right, that’s what I am saying, we should all stop beating a dead horse but since I bothered to say it I also let go some of my desperation that the horse is far from dead. I also don’t believe in your theory that these people quietly self destruct, I cannot name one who did it. Can you?

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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