Hi :) I didn’t really see this as a romanticized account of a failure. They went point by point through:

  • bad decisions, something to learn from this
  • bad directions, something to understand here
  • bad attitudes, something to avoid forever
  • bad ideas, something to grasp when “ideating”

If you ask me, this is very much Classical not Romantic, a pattern of conjuring up a thoughtful recount of a lost battle. I saw very little, a normal and decent i’d say amount of the “awesome folks, worked hard” pattern, with less bragging than we do in our little side-chat.

The world doesn’t need more Bohr like attitudes walking out on Feynman in the middle of his explaining in clear “doodles” what was until then uber complicated. The world has had other, previous, Golden Ages, filled with explorers who risked themselves, spent other people’s money and kept pushing despite failure.

Some things cannot be studied outside of hands on action, especially lifestyle changing technology ventures. Which brings me to the point of making these anyway while playing house. In tech, right now, all over the world, in all departments, everyone is playing house. That is not the issue. Of course “playing house” is happening in an over founded, money rivers filled, talent short, skyrocketing growth domain like tech is right now. That is not a problem.

It will be a problem once this industry will wear off the shine and drift into legacy, not right now :)

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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