Hey Madison,

These posts existed way before Medium, blogger, blogs, the internet and bulletin boards were dreams in some one’s head. Whining about your reach and success and effect on the world is as old as art b/c we’re all creatures running on feedback. Constant feedback.

A post like this is basically an author reaching out to those who read their stuff to express feelings of all kinds and hope to get some ideas or pats on the back. I did try to be smarter than simply complaining :) and so do many others, like you feel a responsibility to not waste the bytes of the cloud with nothing but bitterness.

And, there is the more general point, the fact that we are building the future and in this future where it was supposed to be free and open everything is chocked by algorithms and gatekeepers, just like it always has been and many people spell this out, some louder than others: we’re kinda reverting progress.

Also, there are many smart makers out there that should have this as main takeaway:

There is no good platform or system for content distribution and discovery .

As for why you personally choose to read them while you get the gist very fast, maybe you are sharing the problem but in a different declination, maybe you like the idea flow, maybe it makes you angry and anger keeps you glued to the text …

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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