Hey folks :) glad to see you found the idea worth your while.

Ana, of course in a true democracy no police will escort anyone. The communist era was a grand stage for a stupid show put in place by the system. Today, compulsory voting would have nothing to do with the police but with the actual measure of the impact that the lack of participation in a democratic society has on its citizens: how much is a vote worth.

Formamentis, no right is sacred. And the right to vote is making sure the right to freedom of expression is exercised. One can always cancel their vote, just cast it in a canceling manner.

murphy, I have, like Ana above, lived in a grand experiment of egalitarianism and it sucked. When you fuck the rich of today you make the rich of tomorrow, because wealth is not about money, but about value.

Remember, our democracy of today seemed absurd to anyone thinking about it merely one hundred years ago.

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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