Hello people who responded, highlighted and replied to my story above :) Thank you!

Fabiana Cecin your reply is as overwhelming as usual, I don’t really know more than the fact I’d take my raft on your river of ideas any day, but nevertheless it is an adventure, waterfalls and rocky bottoms keeping one alert, no easy cruise. That means I cant easily tell if I touch a sore thumb or release a muscle tension :)

Meg Barclay I’m really glad you’ve been around, and, as weird as this may sound I actually wondered what made you stop at those highlights :D because your recommends and replies give me a warm fuzzy validation feeling, you are my uneasy rider, for some reason I can’t explain, feel free to engage anytime.

Gareth Douglass did you have second thoughts? Why?

BHD, Jason Stelzner, smokey, Ana Frusinoiu I know you are here, maybe I don’t interact enough or engage in your feeds but I thank you for your support, because every one of these green icons in this day and age is a warm fireplace welcoming the traveler of the cold voids of online anonymity.

Ana Frusinoiu, your last edited reply consisting of emoticons, was very nice even if briefly worded, I actually had a good time noticing the edit :D I wanted to reply to it, but it appears to be gone :(

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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