Excellent! I feel avenged and, amazingly, less alone. I guess it is a symptom of Medium being a SF/SV centered community with invisible mediocre millions from unimportant corners of the world?

All in all, I have this theory that there is a naturally occurring phenomenon of the personality cult.

The personality cult pattern is the foundation of the culture of heroes. From ancient demigods to modern day pop stars and fame flooded CEOs. It is all about how they are simply better than everyone else.

This is of course stupid, but we humans naturally devise it, and recommend stupid stories promoting it, because we want to believe that those who make it are special, so that we as a society continue to contain each other in predefined action courses despite free will.

The antidote to it is humanity, the humanities and humanism in general.

The goal of working more for humans than for other inanimate things is to increase self esteem for every society member.

Writing more stories rooted in humanities, spreading a humanist position about various topics, especially success and achievement, showing the facets of people as humans are all working to fix this crap of so called inspirational advice that nurtures the saddest of lows in anyone with more life experience than an amoeba.

For example, reading on Justine’s Musk experience as the wife of Elon will not diminish his achievements nor his spectacular persistence, but it will show anyone that while adulting and humaning he is very much the standard dude most guys will be when they get a wealth that seems “abstract and unreal, a string of zeros that existed in some strange space of its own”.


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