Dear J. C. Emlund,

My wild guess is that you have been misguided by the fact that my article was a stand alone story and you believed erroneously that I have suddenly appeared out of the blue to pick on the opinions and experiences of other people. Mind you it has not been so, I have been called out to state an opinion in BHD’s article, here.

Yet, even so, why are you calling me names? Is it an attempt to have me “man up”, like the army does so often? Won’t work. But, hey, maybe I am an cocky, arrogant, unwise, attention bitch, but just remember I am also your pride, haste of judgement and insecurity, because, well because this:

This has no ego or tone, it is words precisely written with intent to raise the discussion and taper into the wisdom required to progress as a species.

… is where you make your mark in my little corner of the universe. Are you channeling the Holy Ghost because God Himself decided to tell me I am an cocky, arrogant, unwise, attention bitch through you? No? Thought so.

You are James and as long as you move those fingers on those keys and draw air from this Earth, you are expressing your ego. Had you no ego in your reply, no reply would have had existed. So stand up to it and stop hiding behind ye ole self denying “wasn’t me”.

Now, let’s pretend I am a complete weirdo stalking Medium users. What wrong did I ever do to you? Why do you assume you have fought a war for me?

I have spent my childhood in a country ripped apart in 45 years of communism, my adolescence in a country drained by 10 years of unbridled capitalism and the past 15 years of my adulthood in the same country puppeteered by outside interest in a place they don’t understand. You know which country is behind each of these phases my “home” has been through? Yes, you guessed. You know about all those men and women who were killed fighting the invading communist army, eighty years ago, hoping for that country, the land of the free, to save them? I guess you don’t, because my home is not any of those remote exotic places, filled with geo political significance, or oil, or strategic military sites, but a mere second world place, always and permanently used in plans you and I are too little informed to grasp.

Hold your horses before you throw anger, and before you do that all encompassing judgement of everybody who does not identify as a warrior.

For someone who does analyses on Osho’s words like you did here,

taking the liberty to assume I basically ‘licked [my] finger and decided to claim the exact wind sheer’ is a pitty. Are you denying my experience, precisely while shouting at me for denying others’? This should be funny, if it wasn’t broken.

Like you, I don’t know you either, beyond this lame excuse for an argument which this platform, hungry for our clicks and views, so finely encourages, and to which I the cocky, arrogant, unwise, attention bitch, with my huge ego, couldn’t resist on engaging, so I have assumed you were annoyed by a loudmouth preaching dry phrases at people you care for, directly or indirectly. I get it.

But for all the other loudmouths out there, please, try and be more gentle. Whenever you spasm like that and push whatever causes you that itch to do so, remember that what is pushed compacts, and everything is in this fluid state where there can only be so much compression. All this rage and haste replies cause a lot of energy to build up against the force that compresses it. You do not sound like someone who wants to cause anguish, on the contrary.

And yes, online I may very well take the liberty to talk about anyone from Soren to Cantor, from Rousseau to Adam Smith, because do these names sound important but unknown, your answers and englightment is a quick search away. That is how the Internet works. And yes, again, there is no problem in sparking discussions based on Wikipedia reads. I deeply despise the intellectualist elitism of abstracting human knowledge beyond comprehension and shunning humans who use their brain just because others did it before. There is nothing wrong with reinventing the wheel, in fact we did it a lot of times.

These concepts sounds so loose I refuse to call this beautiful. You barely lived a third of your life?

I don’t know! Do you know the length of my life? My gandfather died at 63 my dad at 60, if statistics do any justice I might have gone well beyond the half of my life. Can I be excused for being a cocky, arrogant, unwise, attention bitch? Maybe not. Can I be excused for being loud and direct, maybe yes.

I lived widely and with great risk so you can speak, so the least you can do is respect others thoughts and learn something from it.

Good advice, poor context, incredible proud assumption of having merit for my ability to speak. Be safe,



I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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