But it’s weird isn’t it?

This is not facebook. I blocked people too. I dont make a fuss about the blocking itself. I don’t care about it as a gesture, but i care about it as an idea. This is political writing. How would you feel if suddenly you couldn’t read NYT or whatever you read for opinion pieces because the authors there ban you?

Should writers which aquire influence “refuse service” because of … of what? Isnt there a huuuuge gap between political and philosophical opinion and defense of rape? I’d reckon there is …

Tesla doesnt give a guy a car because he is rude to its CEO. Holly blocks her content because of dissent … what a dystopian story comes to my mind.

There is an episode in twilight zone where felons were marked on their foreheads and nobody would talk to them or even take notice of their presence.

It’s a world much like our own, yet much unlike it. A twisted mirror of reality, in which a man can find himself cast out, made invisible by public acclamation, belonging no longer to society, but only to the gray reaches...of the Twilight Zone


I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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