But Dustin,

Why all gloom and doom? Increasing production or productivity has a temporary correlation to carbon dioxide. And we know correlation is not causation.

Increasing production does not cause pollution, but instead unsustainable ways of production do it. If mandatory spending would be in place innovation would be permanently founded.

Basically mandatory spending is a way to keep wealthy people interested in the game of capitalism, instead of hoarding wealth and then claiming going full solar is “too expensive right now”. Everything in economy is expensive because of three reasons:

  1. it is not nearly enough of it
  2. we’re bad at production
  3. we want it expensive to keep a reference of value

That’s it. Throw enough money back into the economy and reason no. 2 is gonna be tackled in so many ways that eventually it will be solved!

Mandatory spending will initially reflect in deflation. But for a while. There are so many cars, jets, yachts, homes to buy. Sure it would require a revamp of property taxation, but seriously the entire planet has experience with devising intelligent property taxes, it is a small effort.

After the deflation it will become obvious that investment and funding a la VC style is probably the best way to spend money which one must spend anyway.

To solve eighty percent of problem number one we only require one ingredient: free or extremely cheap electricity. If you have this rare resources will be effectively based on occurrence of said resource in universe. Its mind boggling we’re seeing so little collective effort to harness the free nearly infinite energy falling on us everyday, and instead we leave it to a slow and interest based game of capitalist private enterprise.

Anway, there will also be reason number three, like say diamonds or whatever which do not respect the game rules especially so that we can have the rules between some exceptions. If there are no exceptions it means your rules are probably wrong said Goedel.

There, I hope I explained :)

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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