Brave is brave

The nice ad blocking in Brave is just a cool feature but it is prone to the distribution problem. Why download a browser for which I have to wait on some small team to make it so that my phone doesn’t burn my hands while using it?

Making browsers is hard and also once you have default changing it is hard.

However to answer your question more precisely, implementing a standard with an advertising ID api is better than each browser blocking the income of all the internet websites. All the ad block craze hurt the small players most. Big companies Afford to block you but small ones, not so much.

All that pleading of “please disable your ad blocker” is quite embarrassing. People who don’t understand that the pervasiveness of Information, not of the Internet, is what’s at stake when you block ads play a very dangerous game.

So the degree Brave accomplishes anything is close to having any other browser with an ad blocker installed on top, but with an immature codebase on top. I like it but I wish browsers would innovate where innovation is needed, not by parsing html with exclusions.

An advertising web specification would cover everything, from distribution to presentation, while the opt in ID is the ultimate Internet wide control.

I write so you feel like you’ve just had an idea. It’s a nice feeling.

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